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Professor. Speaker. Women and Girls' Advocate. 

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I am a professor in the Doctoral Program for Organizational Leadership at the University of Massachusetts Global.   During nine years as a professor,

I have worked with doctoral students to conduct meaningful research on women in leadership. In addition, I have personally spent the last decade studying and researching the effects of confidence and courage on women’s ability to attain power and influence. My nine books include:

  1. The SeXX Factor

  2. Rules of the Game

  3. 92 Tips from the Trenches

  4. Don’t Forget Your Sweater, Girl

  5.  Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl

  6.  Know Your Worth, Girl

  7.  Love Your Age, Girl

  8.  Show Your Worth, Girl

  9.  Super Power Moves


HERE'S THE DEAL : What do women need to do to take a place at the table with our male equals? The answer, I believe is quite simple.  We need to do what men have been doing all along; develop a strong presence in the workplace, throughout our communities, and in our personal environments.  We don’t need to compete with men; rather, we need to emulate what men have done so well throughout history: become fearless competitors, take risks, exude confidence, sit in the front of the room and speak up to be heard!  And the good news for women is that these skills can be learned, just like negotiation skills or job interviewing, and it’s something that can be mastered over time through trial and error and experimentation.  Professional Growth is non-negotiable. we must learn to BE OUR BEST SELVES ON A GOOD DAY! 

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