TIP # 3
As a leader what happens when you promise something and don’t follow through? People stop trusting you. The size of the promise makes no difference; if you promise that you will call someone at 4 p.m. and don’t make the call until 4:15 you have not kept your word. And your word goes a long way in leadership. If you promise employees that you will look into unsafe work situations and you do not follow through, people will learn not to believe you. Be careful with your word, it’s worth more than you think. Keep your word and you will be respected, trusted, and admired throughout your entire leadership career.

Writing or revising one’s resume can be a daunting task. Get a cup of coffee, set up your computer, and get to work. Follow these simple tricks of the trade to get you off the starting block:

  1. Check out a few sample resume books to get ideas.

  2. Pick a design template from Word or a similar program, or develop one on your own. Begin with your name and pertinent information at the top.

  3. Arrange your categories in a fashion that makes sense to you, and prioritize according to their importance. Collate the important information within each category.

  4. Write to your audience. How will your experience, skills and degrees fulfill the requirements of the new job? Show how your experiences from your last job will be valuable to the one yo...

Use Power Words and Numbers

Using numbers to quantify your achievements and responsibilities can elevate your image. This strategy creates a clear image, whereas general statements may not be easily quantifiable in the reader’s mind. The more specific you are in describing accomplishments, the better off you are.  For example, writing "Successfully developed and monitored a $100 million dollar budget that enabled York School District to end the school year with an 18% reserve".... tells the reader a lot more than stating, "Successfully developed and monitored a school district budget."

Another strategy to manage the image a prospective employer develops about you is to use “power words” to signify the position you want. Think ab...

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January 9, 2017

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