The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) is hosting four separate 6-hour workshops throughout California on how to Master the Moves of Career Advancement with Courage, Skill and Confidence.  If you are ready to move up in your career, this workshop will share smart strategies to help you build your job seeking skills as you prepare for upcoming career opportunities. 

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At times, being an educational leader can feel like you are walking through a never ending minefield. Parent complaints, bad press reports, angry board members, contract issues, the list is endless. Avoid your natural instinct to win every battle that comes your way. Most battles carry political costs and benefits. Sometimes winning the war means strategically losing some of the battles along the way. As a leader, look at the big picture from the mountaintop to analyze strategy.

The gift of time is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on a busy professional. One deadly mistake as a leader is to bore your staff to death with meetings; everyone is just as busy as you are.  A main rule, if possible is to provide information that could be delivered in a memo rather than holding court just for the sake of holding a meeting.  So the next time you are in a leadership meeting, look around the room.  If everyone looks as if they have just lost the will to live, consider hosting your next meeting in a memo.

Research suggests that affirming people's accomplishments at work can lead to higher employee moral and satisfaction.  People want to feel validated in the workplace and as the leader you have the power and the responsibly to confirm that those who work in your organization matter and what they do has value. One way to do this is to make people feel appreciated by sharing the credit with those who worked on a project with you.  It's easier than you may think. While you may believe you need the credit to help your career, giving away some of it to your team is actually a better career move. Leadership involves building effective teams and sharing the power; no one wants their leader to "hog" the limelight. 

Fear is not a workplace motivator. Many of us have had the sad occasion at one time or another to work for someone who was just plain mean. So mean that they took out all their insecurities and anger on their employees. If things went wrong for them watch out. If you are a leader with anger issues, get them under control by seeking to determine their root causes. Work to understand the importance of anger management in the workplace and learn to express all your emotions appropriately.

People who work in the field of educational administration are very well connected. The pipeline is fluid especially in the state of California. If you badmouth a current employer or coworker, that information travels fast and may hurt your reputation or limit any chances for promotion. It’s a small world and it’s important to maintain your professionalism and not put your career in jeopardy.  

We live in a time when new information and knowledge is being exponentially created every second of every day. As a leader staying at the top of the game requires one to stay current and sends a strong message to stakeholders that we value learning and expect it from those in the organization. However, it is important that we get off the computer and actually spend time engaging with people. Some of the best learning comes from asking questions and listening. Take some time to get up from your desk, step away from the computer, and get out there and experience and learn.

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January 9, 2017

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