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Sister to Sister Secrets for Gaining Confidence, Courage, and Power

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Sister to Sister Secrets for Gaining Confidence, Courage, and Power
Marilou Ryder and Jessica Thompson
Delmar Publishing,  2020 

What if you could be more confident and powerful by changing just a few things in your life?  We all want to be confident but sometimes our inner critic prevents us from getting the things we deserve.  Are you tired of watching men get the better jobs, receive more promotions or pay increases?  Learn how to radiate confidence and courage in your daily life to get the power and influence you deserve as a woman. 


Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl shares simple strategies; Do what men have done all along-develop a strong presence in the workplace, at home and in your community. Women don’t need to compete with men but rather we need to emulate what men have done so well throughout the world; that is be a fearless competitor, take risks, exude confidence,  find your voice, become a thought leader, sit in the front of the room and speak up to be heard!

As women we regularly face challenges in the workplace and throughout our personal lives- from competing with men for top jobs and gaining equal pay to navigating unique and changing cultural norms pertaining to marriage, dating, and childbirth.  This book will change your mindset and your life.   

Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl will help you to:

  • Identify actions that could undermine your confidence and power

  • Take small steps to become more assertive and self-assured in your personal and work life.

  • Find your voice and gain a seat at the table with male equals

Readers will find:

  • Pre and Post Empowerment Tests-Got Superpowers?  

  • Interviews from bold and strong women who are vulnerable, wise, grounded, mentally tough, and don’t let self-doubt keep them from their goals.

  • A Collection of 58 Power Tips that will change how you think and act.  

  • WomenToons-Just for fun while you’re thinking about the New You!





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