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​92 Tips from the Trenches is a must read for anyone in school administration. Dr. Ryder and Capellino carefully crafted a book that captures tips from some of the best leaders in education. Quotes from leaders in the field were very poignant and will hit home for the reader. I loved the 92 tips, which school leaders can use in their daily work. If every school administrator read this book and followed the advice posited by Dr. Ryder and Dr. Capellino our students would be the benefactors. Favorite Tip: Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut UP!!

This publication is a must read for all leaders serving our schools. I believe that most of these tips, if taken seriously by the reader, will make a difference for how they lead. Ryder and Capellino’s heartfelt accounting of their experiences in the trenches as school administrators is a required read for anyone wanting [what they term] another season in the game of educational leadership 

Dr. Ryder and Dr. Capellino have finally given us a book from real leaders, those in the trenches in public education every single day. This book is a must read for everyone in or thinking about getting into school and district administration. The two authors carefully lay out leadership quotes, followed by practical advice from their vast professional experiences. I highly recommend it! 


This is very practical advice for all leaders. I love that each tip is short and to the point. One can pick up the book, read a point, put it down, and move on to do other things. When there are a few minutes available, such as transitioning from an event, one can read another tip to meditate upon.

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