How to Stay in the Game as an Educational Leader

92 Tips from the Trenches: How to Stay in the Game as an Educational Leader  Marilou Ryder, Ed.D. and Tamerin Capellino, Ed.D. (Delmar Publishing) 

Two professional educators, having served in all leadership roles - assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent share personal and up close tips and stories to help you survive and thrive as an educational leader. There are thousands of books written to help people excel at their jobs once promoted. There are few books, if any, on the shelves today focusing on aspects of leadership that can chip away at your career, cause you to lose your job or worse yet, make you lose your will to lead.   Our book aims to make your journey a little easier by offering some effective tools and “Insider Tips.” 


As the complexity of the job has increased, so have fears of the dwindling pool of qualified leaders.  Research suggests an impending crisis is in store for school leaders!  Many quality educators are shying away from moving up, while our nation’s school districts are in desperate need of quality principals, district leaders and superintendents. Many leaders are promoted too soon without adequate training and only last a year or two.   As co-authors we have both worked in the trenches, walked in your shoes and know it is fairly easy to trip up at the educational leadership line.  Sometimes, it’s the small things you may not even be aware of or soft skills not taught in your administration courses that go unmentioned in leadership circles. Consider this publication your personal score card to define and improve upon your educational leadership skills.  Order your own copy now! Available on Amazon.com.

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