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  • Dr. Marilou Ryder

Typos can be Hazardous to One's Health

During my first month as an assistant superintendent, I was responsible for writing a feature, front-page story for the new District Newsletter. The superintendent had negotiated a contract with a local printing company to produce a stunning, glossy covered, professional six-page newsletter for the school community. In retrospect I think she must have really trusted my judgment since she left me in charge of writing the feature story in addition to overseeing the editing for the whole project.

A week later the superintendent burst into my office announcing that twenty large boxes of newsletters had finally arrived. Excited, like kids at Christmas, we each tore open a box, grabbing our personal copies. Both of us smiled in unison, quite pleased with the results; stunning photographs of students working alongside their teachers, an exquisite district logo perched at the top of the page and best of all... an impressive photo of the superintendent encased in a special header. Right next to her picture sat my feature article suspended under a huge, bold headline that read:


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