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  • Dr. Marilou Ryder author of Rules of the


Use Power Words and Numbers

Using numbers to quantify your achievements and responsibilities can elevate your image. This strategy creates a clear image, whereas general statements may not be easily quantifiable in the reader’s mind. The more specific you are in describing accomplishments, the better off you are. For example, writing "Successfully developed and monitored a $100 million dollar budget that enabled York School District to end the school year with an 18% reserve".... tells the reader a lot more than stating, "Successfully developed and monitored a school district budget."

Another strategy to manage the image a prospective employer develops about you is to use “power words” to signify the position you want. Think about what jobs you are applying for… positions of management and leadership, right? Try to strengthen your image as a leader, by using as many “leadership” or “in charge” key words as possible. Which sounds stronger... Maintained oversight of a district wide strategic plan or.... Provided leadership for developing and gaining approval for a district wide strategic plan?

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