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Create a Resume Tagline

Create a Tagline... State your Expertise

“What’s a tagline?” you ask. Taglines are also known as “objectives” and are commonly used by educators in their resumes. In my opinion, taglines that are written as objectives are out-of-style. Focus your tagline in a way that makes you stand out among other applicants.

Whether marketing a new business, chainsaws, doughnuts, or yourself, as a job candidate, the goal is to sell the product. In a job search, you are selling yourself in a very competitive market, to a very specific clientele. What is it that makes you stand out above your competition? Why are you a better candidate?

Here’s an example of a tagline used in a superintendent resume:

Student focused leader with a strong record of success. Recognized for developing mutual trust and respect, building collaborative teams, public speaking, and sharing information through open communication.

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