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  • Dr. Marilou Ryder

Professional Branding Tip: Network in Person

We all know networking on social media can be a great way to make connections. It’s easy, quick and appears on the surface to provide more opportunity to cast a wide net for professional connections. Networking in person, however can be an extremely effective strategy to establish a positive brand for yourself. Face-to-face networking can be challenging if you’re used to only networking through social media. Here's some quick tips to help when networking in person:

  • Develop a 20-30 second Elevator Speech

  • Remember the person’s name when you meet someone

  • Offer to help in some way

  • Give positive feedback to make the networking experience a positive one

  • Follow up with any promises you make during the meeting

  • Make an introduction for the person you are meeting to someone else in the room

  • Network with a colleague if you are shy and shudder at the thought of standing up in a social situation to meet people

  • Use your First and Last name

No matter how tired you may be at the end of the day or how shy you actually think you are... take time to step away from the computer and make new connections by networking in person.

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