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  • Photographs taken in 1972 for a project titled

G is for Guard

According to recent employment stats, women have been dominating the private security sector for the past two decades. While some may see this as an achievement, in the sense that women have been able to invade a male profession, others in more academic circles view it as worrying. “It can’t be seen as an achievement if the males are leaving the profession to take up better paying jobs. Another consequence of having a large number of women working in the security sector is the fact that many of them are often mothers of young children. Many of them are even single mothers who are forced to leave their children unattended as they seek to make ends meet. Women’s rights activists have often complained, among other things, about the conditions under which female security guards work. There is no definitive number of registered female security guards operating in the country, but officials have reported that women are soon becoming the majority in the security industry.

Adapted from

Nancy Clarke, Guard

DeWitt, New York 1972

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