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  • Photographs taken in 1972 for a project titled

N is for Nursery Manager

When looking for a woman working in a career beginning with the letter 'N' I had many opportunities to photograph a nurse, a professional nanny and even a local newscaster. Knowing that photographing a female neurosurgeon in 1972 was out of the question and having a personal love for plants, I decided to hunt down one of my favorite people in New York; a female nursery manager. I recall when photographing Linda, she shared how happy and content she was in this job and hoped to make it a life long career. Nursery managers today make about $14 an hour and men slightly outnumber their female counterparts in this profession, making up a slight majority at 54 percent. Seemed like a fun job at the time.

Linda Kloss, Nursery Manager Syracuse, New York 1972

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