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Over the past few years I have become enchanted with the phenomenon of "being present".  Not an easy thing to do in a world infused with nonstop media and images blaring at us every second.  As a matter of routine I have run a mile almost everyday of my adult life.  Recently I have taken to walking that mile.  At first I found  myself making "to do" lists while on this walk... then I would begin to worry about past or future events in my life.  One day I came across this beautiful yellow flower sitting on the sidewalk just waiting to be seen.  I spent a few minutes looking at the flower and then decided to take a photo of it on my Iphone.  Each day I would look forward to what could be seen on the sidewalks while walking. There is so much excitement, beauty, wonderment and curious items left on sidewalks each day.  I invite you to take a moment to view some of my recent sidewalk moments.  

Crimes and Misdemenors (1).jpg
Signs and Symbols Copy.jpg
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