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Over the recent years, I've developed a fascination with the concept of "living in the moment." It's a challenging endeavor in a world saturated with incessant media and constant visual stimuli. As part of my daily routine, I've traditionally run a mile nearly every day of my adult life. However, I've recently opted for a more leisurely approach—walking that same mile. Initially, during these walks, my mind would drift towards creating "to-do" lists or dwelling on events from my past and concerns about the future. Then, one day, I encountered a striking yellow flower gracefully positioned on the sidewalk, seemingly waiting to be noticed. Taking a few moments to appreciate its beauty, I decided to capture the image with my iPhone.

This small encounter sparked a shift in my perspective. I began eagerly anticipating what other interesting sights the sidewalks might offer during my walks. Each day unfolded with a sense of excitement, revealing beauty, wonder, and intriguing items casually left along the way. I encourage you to pause for a moment and share in some of the captivating sidewalk moments I've experienced recently.

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