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My Story

Marilou Ryder girls' confidence

As a ten-year-old girl, hoping to play little league baseball, I cut my hair off to look like a boy.  It didn't work. 

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female confidence and courage

Attended Adelphi University near NYC.  You were nobody if you weren't accepted into a sorority.  Go Delta Gamma!

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parsons girls

Married that guy right after college graduation. Love that all my sisters were in the wedding.

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school principal torrance usd marilou ryder


Took my Long Beach principal's advice and became a middle school principal in Torrance USD.  Loved every minute of it. 

cheerleader marilou ryder

Knowing there was little chance I could  play on a girl's basketball team  I decided to join the cheer squad. 

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marilou ryder in 1969

Oh my look at that dress!  

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jade ryder

My one and only baby boy.  Born after teaching for six years.  Nice break

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marilou ryder best selling author


Earned my doctorate, researched the gender divide and wrote
a book for women.  Convinced more than ever that I could become a school CEO.   

women's confidence

Two careers existed for women; teaching or nursing.  While I wanted to become a hairdresser my father wanted me to go to college as he feared I wouldn't be able to find a husband. 

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del ryder us navy

I disappointed my father by not finding this guy at college!  What a keeper! 

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marilou ryder teacher in long beach usd

Moved to California and taught school in Long Beach.  Had a woman principal who told me I could be one too!

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marilou ryder school superintendent


After six grueling job interviews I became the first woman superintendent for Central Unified School District.  Loved the job.

dr. ryder women of the year


Worked so hard at being a school superintendent, the city  awarded me Top Ten Women of the Year.

author dr. ryder rules of the game


Retired and wrote a book  to help others  get a job in educational leadership. Was an Amazon Best Seller!

Professor of the year Dr. Ryder


Accepted a faculty position in the doctoral program for Brandman University.  Awarded Faculty of the Year!  Nice.

Dr. Ryder Boost Your Promotion Quotient


Began speaking at Women's conferences on how to gain a position of leadership in a male driven society. 

92 Tips from the Trenches


Coauthored a book with a university colleague on how to keep your job once you get it!

Dr. Marilou Ryder presentations


Began speaking professionally on the topic of women in leadership and the gender divide.

Dr. Ryder university professor


Privileged to work with strong women on their  dissertations related to  women and leadership.

Sister to Sister Secrets


Partner in Crime-My co-author and sister, Jessica Thompson.  Together we interviewed hundreds of women on self confidence and personal power.  

Don't Forget Your Sweater, Girl


Began researching women and aging and coauthored a book with my sister to navigate the topic of ageism. 

Sister to Sister Series for Women and Girls


Researched women and self-confidence and wrote another Sister Book with my Sister Jessica.  


Excited to be interviewed for our Lipstick Book by the LA Times.   

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