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  • After a few interviews and no job offers, my mom read this book and implemented some of the advice Dr. Ryder shares. She was, then, offered her first Vice Principal position after her very next interview. I read the book before my first ever Principal interview and was offered the position immediately following the first interview. This book is practical, relevant, and a must read for anyone looking to move up in educational leadership. (Annie)​

  • I read the book thoroughly and followed the advice. It helped me improve my introduction letters, which got me several interviews. The interview advice helped get me call-backs. I am now a middle school principal, thanks to this book (Kim Hall)

  • One of the best books I have ever read! A must for anyone who is in the market for an admin job. After reading, I wrote a journal with notes, ideas, and researched every category and chapter. Within weeks, I had multiple offers from districts throughout California! One interviewee in Oxnard publicly stated in the middle of an interview, "You have so many great answers"! This book is an asset to my professional development and a must have to any personal library (Amazon Customer).

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