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  • Dr. Marilou Ryder author of Rules of the Game: How

Create Resume Content that Sells Your Skills

Cool resume design and engaging taglines grab attention, but resume content is what finally sells the reader. Too many resumes that come across my desk list the person’s job classification, followed by job duties. I advise my clients, “We all know what the role of an assistant principal entails—why are you telling us this?” Rather, spend valuable white paper, telling the reader what you have done in your role to make a difference and why your performance is better than others. Go beyond showing what is required, and demonstrate how you make a difference. Provide specific examples. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you perform better than others?

  2. What are some problems or challenges faced and how did you overcome them?

  3. Have you received any awards or recognition as a result your job performance?

  4. What makes you special in this job market?

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